Fire Art

I have been a huge fan of the Mutoid Waste Company for over 20 years.

Mutoids MUST stay!

Check out this trailer for a documentary about them for an idea of what they were doing in Berlin in late 80’s.

They also have a site in Italy that is in danger of being closed down and are collecting signatures for a petition to help them stay in the area.  This group is worth supporting as they have been doing this brilliant work for a long time.This would be like supporting the Boxshop (home of Flaming Lotus Girls) if it was in danger of being wiped from Hunters Point after one person causing complaints.  Or Royal De’Luxe if one person hated them and tried to get them out of Nantes!   Places like this should be celebrated as they are keeping creative fires burning.  ( scroll down to read in English)
Keep the fires burning!

Big Stumpy at the Boxshop

The Flaming Lotus Girls are at it again.  This year for Burning Man they are building a new sculpture, Xylophage, and as usual, it is being built at the Boxshop.  A haven for sculptors and artists in San Francisco.

The shared community space is hive of activity at this time of year with Burning Man projects running side by side with artists who work year round.

There was recently a great article from Ignite me on FLG.

If you want to follow the build process and mania as FLG finish the build and pack the sculpture into a container (hopefully it fits in one ; ) ) for the playa then check the blog out:

The Boxshop community can be found here:

Arcadia Fire Tornado at Glastonbury 2013

Arcadia Fire Tornado at Glastonbury 2013.

Life is never boring.  A recent job took me to Glastonbury festival for the first time in, maybe 12 years. This time as a performing artist with a fire art installation.

I had the pleasure of running the Fire Tornado by Nate Smith with Arcadia Spectacular.  I have admired this piece several times at Burning Man and the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland and it is fascinating and wonderful to run it.  There are many variables.  Each performance is different.  There are techniques to make the vortex behave in a certain way but nothing is certain and external forces have an effect. The vortex depends on the wind conditions at the time. I love getting suited up in the Aluminised proximity suits. It is hot in there!  Thank you to Nate, B’anna, Arcadia and my Tornado crew.

My favorite time off was in the Green Crafts field where I cast a piece of silver jewelry using an ancient technique and cuttlefish bones.  The silver ladies from Somerset were booked up fast and busy as well as cute and fun.

Silver cuttlefish casting:

This post from Instructables made my day today.  I love fire and have been working with it in some form or another over the past 20 years.  This shopping trolley reuse is brilliant.  Although maybe it should be pushed away from the dry grass.

Gotta love it

Gotta love it!

Disclaimer:  Obviously, I do not condone the theft of carraige materials that belong to huge corporations that do not promote diversity in the world.

Thanks to Instructables member peinkc for this.  Push it off the grass though!