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Big Stumpy at the Boxshop

The Flaming Lotus Girls are at it again.  This year for Burning Man they are building a new sculpture, Xylophage, and as usual, it is being built at the Boxshop.  A haven for sculptors and artists in San Francisco.

The shared community space is hive of activity at this time of year with Burning Man projects running side by side with artists who work year round.

There was recently a great article from Ignite me on FLG.

If you want to follow the build process and mania as FLG finish the build and pack the sculpture into a container (hopefully it fits in one ; ) ) for the playa then check the blog out:

The Boxshop community can be found here:

Arcadia Fire Tornado at Glastonbury 2013

Arcadia Fire Tornado at Glastonbury 2013.

Life is never boring.  A recent job took me to Glastonbury festival for the first time in, maybe 12 years. This time as a performing artist with a fire art installation.

I had the pleasure of running the Fire Tornado by Nate Smith with Arcadia Spectacular.  I have admired this piece several times at Burning Man and the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland and it is fascinating and wonderful to run it.  There are many variables.  Each performance is different.  There are techniques to make the vortex behave in a certain way but nothing is certain and external forces have an effect. The vortex depends on the wind conditions at the time. I love getting suited up in the Aluminised proximity suits. It is hot in there!  Thank you to Nate, B’anna, Arcadia and my Tornado crew.

My favorite time off was in the Green Crafts field where I cast a piece of silver jewelry using an ancient technique and cuttlefish bones.  The silver ladies from Somerset were booked up fast and busy as well as cute and fun.

Silver cuttlefish casting:

A recently commissioned and installed firepit kept a crowd of party folks warm and happy.  It was a commission as a surprise gift. The lucky recipient had his name in steel sitting proud from the top edge that was backlit with fire and a hornbill sitting on the initial. A special quote was cut into the side so it was possible to see the fire flickering through the holes.

It came out great and the fire drew the party people out of the house on a cold night. I was very happy with it. More importantly, so were the clients.

Like little urban snow drifts, broken glass collects in many places.

This series of work takes broken and
shattered glass, collected from the debris of broken windows from places where my life takes me.
Windows broken as a result of people on top of people, huge discrepancies between the rich and the poor.  These are not piles of glass that collect in the comfortable “better” areas.
They are the result of difficult lives and are sharp and protruding.  They remind me of growths of crystals in the depths of the darkest caves.  Symbols of great beauty and value growing where they are least expected.
The title is the site of the drift.
Urban Drift No 1 – Hunters Point, San Francisco
Urban Drift 3 – Mandela Parkway, West Oakland