I’ve been checking out all the art bike racks for years, as a long term cyclist, I’ve attached my precious to many different things to avoid her getting stolen.   I love that Portland, Oregon has introduced a local authority procedure with guidelines of how to apply for their Art Racks (non standard bicycle racks), and NY.  I think that New York lead the charge with David Byrne contributing a couple of designs.  Now there are competions all round the world, from Melbourne to Seoul, to combine art and pedal power.  Today, I found the “Parking Squid” by Susan Robb which is installed in Seattle.  It is fun, got great curves, kids can climb on it and it actually works as a functional bike rack for more than two bikes.  Brilliant!

Parking Squid




I have been a huge fan of the Mutoid Waste Company for over 20 years.

Mutoids MUST stay!

Check out this trailer for a documentary about them for an idea of what they were doing in Berlin in late 80’s.

They also have a site in Italy that is in danger of being closed down and are collecting signatures for a petition to help them stay in the area.  This group is worth supporting as they have been doing this brilliant work for a long time.This would be like supporting the Boxshop (home of Flaming Lotus Girls) if it was in danger of being wiped from Hunters Point after one person causing complaints.  Or Royal De’Luxe if one person hated them and tried to get them out of Nantes!   Places like this should be celebrated as they are keeping creative fires burning.  ( scroll down to read in English)
Keep the fires burning!

Big Stumpy at the Boxshop

The Flaming Lotus Girls are at it again.  This year for Burning Man they are building a new sculpture, Xylophage, and as usual, it is being built at the Boxshop.  A haven for sculptors and artists in San Francisco.

The shared community space is hive of activity at this time of year with Burning Man projects running side by side with artists who work year round.

There was recently a great article from Ignite me on FLG.

If you want to follow the build process and mania as FLG finish the build and pack the sculpture into a container (hopefully it fits in one ; ) ) for the playa then check the blog out:

The Boxshop community can be found here:

This really is amazing.  A bridge with some substantial thought into its design aesthetic and with flame effects too!  Not just for driving over.  Am loving the fire effects overhead while driving on or off the bridge.

I love seeing the people working on it in there for scale. You can just see the exit point for the flame effect in the mouth. What a brilliant idea and nicely done. I want to go see it!

Life has taken a bit of a turn around and I find myself in Bristol, England. It is an amazing creative town with art of all kinds all around. My passion for all things Maker Faire in California has led me directly into the lap of the Bristol Mini Maker Faire where I have taken on some of the organising role with a great team. Bristol Mini Maker faire

This is a small, fledgling event that I am sure will grow some big wings. It is exciting to be in at the start in the town I have settled in on a project that is very close to my heart and my core ideals regarding the making community. This Mini Maker Faire is part of the larger National Science & Engineering week at the MShed science museum in Bristol.

My recent roller-coaster life has landed me in some hot metal. : )

Ore & Ingot in the middle of a live bronze pour performance.

Part of my new life in Bristol, is the artist led group Ore & Ingot that I am working with. Dave Snoo Wilson and Jo Lathwood are bringing the ancient art of casting to the public with live bronze pours, classes and group studio work. They will be one of the groups presenting at a micro-funding event on Sunday called Spoonfed.